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Many DSLRs can now capture HD video, many also have microphone inputs. However most do not have headphone monitoring or metering capabilities, and none have on-board mixers. Enter the new Fostex DC-R302.

The DC-R302 is a professional stereo recorder with on-board 3-ch pre-amp audio microphone / line mixer designed for use with video-capable DSLRs. Recording pristine quality stereo audio direct to SD cards, the DC-R302 not only allows DSLRs to be easily used in field production applications, it also simplifies the capturing process allowing the camera operator to operate the recorder and camera at the same time.

Housed in a rugged, extruded aluminium chassis the DC-R302 combines Fostex’s usual high pedigree of electrical engineering and mechanical construction with a compact footprint and high-quality components. Main features of this no-compromise unit include up to 24bit / 96kHz stereo recording to SDHC cards, 3 channel mic/line mixer with XLR inputs, 48V Phantom Power, limiters and high pass filters, slate tone, flexible on-board headphone monitoring, remote DSLR control and large LCD metering.


• Stereo recorder (to SDHC card) with analogue 3 channel audio mixer
• Recording Stereo WAV file in 16bit - 44.1/48kHz or 24bit - 44.1/48/96kHz
• Top mounted detachable camera-mount
• Remote Start function allows the DSLR camera’s video recording to start/stop in sync with the REC button. (Uses infra-red or wired connection)
• 3 x tripod screw holes on unit base for mounting on various camera rigs-

In detail

• Compatible with off the shelf wired remote controller (such as Panasonic DMW-RS1 or equivalent)
• 3 XLR inputs with Limiter and High Pass Filter
• 48V Phantom power for use with condenser microphones
• Microphone Out in addition to Line Out to send stereo mix to the camera
• Headphone monitoring of Left / Stereo / Right / Return
• Auto Slate Tone (1kHz / sine wave) function convenient for subsequent synchronisation
• USB for file transfer as well as USB audio output for PC recording and live streaming*
• Powered by 4 x AA batteries (approx. 4 hours’ operation with NiMH batteries) or external DC (9 - 24V)
• Robust, yet light weight extruded aluminium chassis
• Can be used as an independent portable mixer/recorder

Optional Model EX-RT1

Model EX-RT1 is a remote unit for model DC-R302 which increases the operable cameras from Canon EOS 5Dmk2 only by the DC-R302 itself to more than ten other models including Nikon and Panasonic including both infrared and wired connection. The EX-RT1 can be attached to the DC-R302 with a screw driver very easily.

Main Features:
• Remits infrared controlling signal to a DLSR camera regardless the shape of the infrared receptacle on the grip.
• Wired remote output for controlling a DSLR camera via wired connection for those that do not have infrared remote function.
• Remote connector allows use of an external remote controller (Panasonic DMW-RS1 compatible)
• Easy attachment to the DC-R302 by a screwdriver

Supported DSLR cameras

Via Infrared:
• Canon: EOS 5Dmk3, EOS 5Dmk2, EOS 7D, EOS 6D, EOS 60D, EOS X5

Via Wired connection (Necessary cable model):
• Canon: EOS 5Dmk3, EOS-1D X (ET-RT1C)
• Nikon (10pin): D800, D800E, D4 (ET-RT1N)
• Nikon (6 pin) : D7000, D600, D610 (ET-RT1N2)
• Panasonic: DMC-GH2**, DMC-GH3 (ET-RT1P)
**The connector of DMC-GH2 doubles as remote and mic input. You cannot use mic input when the EX-RT1 is connected.

• Model SC-302 Carry Case
• AD15-3200 AC Adapter: AC adapter for in house use (no battery charging function)


Height 52.5mm
Width 152mm
Depth 107mm
Additional specifications Inputs
Connector: XLR-3-31 (female, #2 hot) / electrically balanced
Reference Input Level: HI -60 / MID -55 / LOW -50dBu (Mic), -10dBu (Line)
Maximum Input Level: HI -32 / MID -27 / LOW -22dBu (Mic), +10dBu (Line)
Input Impedance: more than 10k ohm
Phantom power: P48V+-4V (10mA/CH) (Mic)

Connector: 3.5mm dia, stereo mini (unbalanced)
Reference Input Level: -10dBV
Maximum Input Level: +2dBV
Input Impedance: more than 10k ohm
Main Out
Connector: RCA Pin / unbalanced
Reference Output Level: -10dBV (at reference level input & -12dBFS signal)
Maximum Output Level: +2dBV (at 0dBFS)
Load Impedance: more than 10k ohm
Mic Out
Reference Output Level: -50dBV (at reference level input)
Maximum Output Level: -30dBV
Load Impedance: more than 10k ohm
Frequency response:
LINE IN – MAIN OUT: 20 – 20kHz +-1dB (at reference level)
MIC IN – MAIN OUT: 40 – 20kHz +-3dB (at reference level)
S/N ratio (A-weighted):
LINE: more than 95dB (INPUT GAIN -10dBV)
MIC: more than 55dB (INPUT GAIN Max / 150 ohm loaded)
Total harmonic distortion:
LINE: less than 0.01% at 1kHz (INPUT GAIN: LINE)
MIC: less than 0.1% at 1kHz (INPUT GAIN: HI)

External dimensions:
152 (W) x 45 (H) x 107 (D) mm w/o camera mount
152 (W) x 52.5 (H) x 107 (D) mm w/ camera mount

Weight:690g (excluding batteries)

Internal batteries: AA x 4 (alkaline / NiMH ) / Rated range DC4.8 – 6V
External power supply: AC adapter or equivalent / Rated range DC9 – 24V


Fostex DC-R302 Portable recorder Detailed Manual

The DC-R302 is a portable recorder with 3-ch audio mixer ideal for DSLR video recording Audio signal is fed to DSLR while recording to an SD card. A DSLR camera can be mounted on the top

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Fostex DC-R302 Portable Recorder Quick Start Guide

This manual provides the basics of the DC-R302. Read this before you use the unit for the first time.

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